Indoor Digitalization

With our indoor mapping scanners, we digitize entire buildings, large interiors and rooms in details: a virtual replica is created. A total of six high-resolution system cameras continuously generate 720 ° panoramic images. Three sensitive laser scanners - with a range of 30 meters - capture every detail and create a point cloud with XYZ coordinates. Hundreds of millions of measuring points enable the complete digitization of interiors. In doing so, we are ten times faster than traditional surveying methods and are able to scan between 5,000 and 10,000 m2 of indoor surface per day, depending on the nature of the building.

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Plan Creation

With the generated point cloud, we and our international network of architects and planners can quickly, precisely and according to the wishes of the client, draw up the inventory plans in 2D or 3D. The dimensional tolerance is between 0.5 and 2 cm.

We draw the inventory plans according to the requirement either in AutoCAD, EliteCAD 3D Architecture or Revit. Based on the XYZ coordinates, inventory planning templates can be converted to various CAD readable formats. You can integrate the current plans or actual state into your BIM model. With the plugin for Autodesk Revit you have a complete overview of your building.

360° HTML5 Indoor Viewer

The indoor viewer gives you access to your scanned object merely days later. The system runs via your web browser and is available worldwide. 

Start your first virtual tour: You decide interactively which details you want to view on the high-resolution panoramic images, whether areas are password-protected, which rooms you make accessible or who has editing rights. Set any number of points of interest (POIs) and fill them with a variety of content such as images, videos, links or PDF files. Share this information directly with your colleagues and bring your building to life. Easily switch between scans and compare or monitor the state of your building online. You can view the building in the panoramic view - or directly as point cloud to precisely locate and measure individual points. The indoor viewer integrates easily into your AutoCAD Revit or SAP model, giving you visual support.

Multi Media Consulting

3D indoor mapping, scanning and digitization of indoor areas! These services and terms will increasingly attract attention in the media over the coming years. To help you get a clear overview of what, how and why you should digitize the indoor areas of your real estate, we offer you our expertise and professional consulting. Our advice accompanies you from the creation of a need-analysis to the training of your WEB team to optimize your online-based data usage of the digitized indoor areas.

Indoor Navigation

Scanning the objects generates GPS coordinates. With the aid of this geodata, you can precisely navigate through the mapped building with your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Download the NavVis Navigation App on your web-enabled device and use the clever wayfinding internally, for your suppliers or for your customers. Enjoy the luxury of easy navigation now also in buildings and find your way precisely through airports, railway stations, shopping malls, large factories and office or public buildings. You do not need any additional hardware or software.

Photogrammetric Survey

By using drones we can provide a scan of buildings in their entirety and texture: With aid of photogrammetric surveying our team creates a point cloud and 3D point analysis, 3D model including 3D color printing and provides you with a digital terrain model (DGM), a digital orthophoto ( DOP) as well as orthophoto plans. In addition, you will receive inventory plans, facade views, and building section (for example, as .dwg files).

Use the data for your construction documentation, recognize cracks and faults on the facade at an early stage and get the complete preservation of evidence of your building.

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Software Entwicklung

Insert POI's, create MULTIMEDIA applications, define and convert point clouds for further use in your applications. To learn about these tools for digitization of indoor areas, we offer our expertise in special workshops. In a relaxed atmosphere, owner-led workshops and individual coaching are offered in our LOOOM agency with optimal multi-media equipment. Upon request, our workshops are also organized in your company for your team. Together we can work out the potential for optimizing your business processes and integrate them seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure.


Use the data generated by LOOOM to benefit from virtual and mixed reality solutions. Virtual training / instruction will revolutionize the world of work in the future. They help to avoid accidents at work in your company. Through active training in virtual work situations, participants are sensitized to the hidden dangers of everyday work. Due to the very real perception, it is one of the most efficient learning methods and is spatially and temporally flexible. You can set your own pace and make mistakes without risking your health. Through various solutions on all devices or apps you can help your company learn, communicate and cooperate more effectively. We help you lead your business to the future with our custom solutions!