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Linz, Oberösterreich
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Virtual showroom for Schachermayer

With just one mouse click, the doors of Schachermayer's virtual showroom open - a digital copy of the "real" 6,500 m2 showroom in Linz. What awaits visitors here? A tour through the world of Schachermayer and an overview of the exhibited assortment. Come in!

The Project


It's the dimensions that amaze you: Schachermayer's range includes more than 150,000 articles. This makes the Austrian family-owned company the industry leader for wood, metal and glass processing businesses, industrial companies, designers and architects. A showroom at the Linz location invites customers to explore the current range.  

In 2018 it was decided to make this showroom accessible online. Why? Customers should be given the opportunity to obtain an overview of the exhibited product range with just a few clicks - from anywhere in the world.

With the help of LOOOM's innovative technology, this project could be realized in a completely uncomplicated manner: Within just one day, the entire showroom with a total area of 6,500 m2 was scanned and a virtual replica of it created. Six high-resolution system cameras continuously produced 720° panoramic images. Three sensitive laser scanners - with a range of 30 metres - recorded every detail in the showroom.

    The benefits for Schachermayer


    • The entire showroom was scanned and virtually reproduced - resulting in a highly detailed panoramic view.
    • After completion, Schachermayr sent the link to the virtual showroom - to customers, dealers and partners.
    • Customers can now visit the showroom online - worldwide and from any device: smartphone, tablet or laptop.
    • An overview map enables quick orientation in the virtual showroom.
    • Points of interest show the product groups and link directly to the products in the company's web shop.
    • If a part of the showroom in Linz is redesigned in the future, only those rooms must be rescanned!