Red Bull Media House

Red Bull Media House
Luzern, Schweiz
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Via smartphone through the "Media World" of Red Bull

Fancy a visit to the "Media World" by Red Bull Media House? The 1,500 m2 big exhibition is in the Verkehrshaus in Lucerne! If you would like to inform yourself in advance, you can also visit "Media World" online - with the help of LOOOM, the entire exhibition was scanned, and a photorealistic 3D model of the world of experience was created. 

The Project

The most visited museum in Switzerland is not in Bern or Zurich, but in Lucerne: the Verkehrshaus is a modern traffic and communication museum and shows not only a large collection of ships, cars and locomotives but also the exhibition "Media World" - realized by Red Bull Media House. On a total of 1,500 square meters, visitors can experience the world of new media with all their own senses: you can shoot your own TV show in the studio, balance at vertiginous heights in the Greenbox, take action-packed all-around photos with the 360° camera and surf in Nazaré thanks to virtual reality.

The "Media World" is also now online - as a photorealistic 3D model: take a tour (on the laptop from home or on your smartphone on the go) through the exhibition and inform yourself about the individual areas through points of interest. In short: interest is aroused, future visitors get a first insight into the "Media World".

The virtual 3D model was made possible by LOOOM's scanning technology. Our team used the Indoor Mapping Scanner to create a true-to-life digital replica of the "Media World" - millions of measuring points allowed the complete digitization of the premises. 

The benefits for Red Bull Media House

  • With the help of scanning technology, a photorealistic 3D model of "Media World" was created in the Verkehrshaus in Lucerne.
  • The 1,500 m2 exhibition space was scanned in no time: the LOOOM team only needed 1 day to digitize the entire "Media World". 
  • Interested people can visit the "Media World" online - worldwide and from all devices: smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • The different areas and exhibits of the exhibition can be clicked on (Points of interest)