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Online showroom: Which tile can it be?

Would you have known that? House builders make around 80,000 decisions before their new home is finally built. This also includes the selection of tiles. At Quester, customers can start a virtual tour of the tile showroom in the 19th district of Vienna and gain an initial overview of the range. This online showroom was "built" by the team of LOOOM.

The Project


There are large and small tiles, light and dark, colourful and monochrome, smooth and rough, there are tiles for the bathroom, the toilet, the living area, cellar tiles, natural stone slabs for garden or terrace and so on ... not so easy to make a choice here. Quester wants to help its customers make the right choice - in tile showrooms at different locations. One of these showrooms, in the 19th district of Vienna, was also completely digitalised. Customers can now start a virtual tour of the tile showroom - simply by clicking, directly on the Quester website.  

The LOOOM team created the 3D model of the showroom with the indoor mapping scanner: six high-resolution system cameras continuously generated 720° panoramic images. Three sensitive laser scanners - with a range of 30 meters - recorded every detail in the room and generated a point cloud with XYZ coordinates. Hundreds of millions of measuring points enabled the complete digitization of the tile showroom - in the shortest possible time. 

The benefits for Quester


  • The entire showroom was scanned and virtually recreated - a 360° panoramic view was created.
  • Customers can now visit the showroom online and inspect the assortment - on all devices: smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • An overview map enables quick orientation in the virtual showroom.
  • Points of Interest show the product groups and link directly to the product information.
  • If a part of the showroom is rebuilt or newly furnished, only this area has to be scanned again.