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Plus City
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Progress on the construction site: the Plus City as a 3D model

The reconstruction of Plus City began in Pasching in 2015. The plan: the shopping centre was to be completely renovated and expanded. LOOOM used indoor mapping technology to create photorealistic 3D models of the building to support the clients in taking stock and documenting the entire project.

The Project


In August 2016 the time had come - the extended Plus City celebrated its reopening. This was preceded by a gigantic construction project: 72 new shops on 36,000 m2, multi-storey car park, tram terminal, around 240 million euros invested. The scope of this project was also a challenge for the contractors and architects. However, they received active support from LOOOM and our indoor mapping technology: In order to document the construction progress exactly and to obtain an inventory of the construction background, our team scanned the various construction phases - starting with the shell construction with an area of 36,000 m2.

This millimeter-accurate digital replica of the construction site, enabled complete documentation, both as  photorealistic panoramic images and as a georeferenced point cloud (XYZ coordinates): The browser-based 3D model was drawn in Autocad 3D and transferred via an IFC interface to the Autodesk Revit (BIM software) of Plus City. In this way, as-built plans could be compared with the actual status of the construction site - and even years later, the client has a precise overview of all construction phases and the responsible companies. Defects can be traced back to their origin. The scans or 3D models of the individual shops were sent to the tenants (H&M, Peek & Cloppenburg etc.) so that they could plan and implement the shop fitting using the data.

    The benefits for the Plus City operators


    • The various construction stages were scanned completely and with millimetre accuracy (cable outlets, wall coverings, markings, etc.). The time was determined together with the architects.
    • Plus City has a highly detailed construction documentation of the building - the information can be called up at any time.
    • The 360° HTML Indoor Viewer enables access to the scanned object - completely independent of location - via smartphone, tablet or laptop.
    • The 3D model can be edited, information and points of interest added and progress shared: Images, videos, links or PDF files.
    • If defects occur or subsequent adjustments are made to the building, the data can be used to quickly correct or implement them. The reports are recorded directly in the 3D model.
    • The tenants received a detailed replica of the commercial space and used this data for shop fitting.