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A plastics recycling plant is digitised

How do you get a plastic recycling plant weighing tons from the NGR premises in Upper Austria to a trade fair in Düsseldorf - without trucks, without transport costs, without stress, without CO2 emissions? Quite simple. With Looom! The team created a "digital" plant, a virtual copy, which visitors could intuitively experience and inspect. 


The Project

Anyone exhibiting their products at a trade fair has to think about transport. This should not be too much of a problem with books, cosmetic creams or information brochures. It gets more complicated when the product weighs several tons and reaches dimensions that can no longer be stowed in the delivery van- as with the Upper Austrian company NGR, which develops and builds large plastic recycling plants. And of course you want to show them off - for example at the world's largest plastics trade fair "K" in Düsseldorf, which only takes place every three years. Transporting the new plant to the exhibition stand would have cost a lot of money and time - and also caused considerable damage to the environment. So it was decided without further ado to take the plastic recycling plant "virtually" with them and Looom was commissioned to digitise it. 

The team scanned the entire plastics recycling plant using six high-resolution system cameras. Three laser scanners recorded every detail and created a point cloud with XYZ coordinates. The result: a photorealistic 3D model of the plant. For the presentation, Looom programmed its own interface in NGR's corporate design. At the fair in Düsseldorf only an 80 inch screen and a gamepad were needed. Visitors were able to examine the plant digitally - a completely interactive presentation made possible by Looom's innovative scanning technology.

But the digitized plastic recycling plant was not only in use at the "K" in Düsseldorf! The NGR sales team has been using the digital version ever since to present the plant to customers all over the world - all they need is the link and a password. NGR thus distinguishes itself as a future-oriented company - and can score points through innovation and "Green Economy".

The benefits for NGR


  • The new plastics recycling plant was completely scanned and virtually reproduced - a digital copy was created.
  • The company was able to present the plant at the "K" trade fair in Düsseldorf - and at the same time save transport costs and time. It is also a positive development for the environment!
  • The presentation of the plant uses the corporate design of NGR - Looom programmed a frontend, which contains all enterprise colors and design templates.
  • The digital plant will also be in use after the trade fair - and will be sent to interested parties all over the world via a link. The sales department thus has an effective marketing tool at its disposal.