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Ready to race: LOOOM digitalized the KTM Museum

In May 2019 KTM opened its exhibition, the KTM Motohall in Mattighofen. The highly complex construction project was already accompanied in advance by LOOOM. By the way, while scanning the 8,500 m2 of building space we were traveling at high speed. Dashing!

The Project


When the Austrian motorcycle and sports car manufacturer KTM takes a project into its own hands, quality is guaranteed: this is also the case with the new KTM Motohall, the company's own exhibition in Mattighofen. The architecture of the elliptical museum is extraordinary. And extraordinarily complex!

In order to successfully realize and optimally maintain such construction projects, builders and architects are increasingly working with digital replicas. For that reason, LOOOM was commissioned to create a photorealistic 3D model of the KTM Motohall. After an extensive visit, our team used the indoor mapping scanner to scan the entire construction shell: 8,500 m2 of building space in just two days. Track record!

The obtained data, or more specifically, the generated point cloud (XYZ coordinates), was used to create the inventory plans. KTM now has a photorealistic and millimeter-accurate 3D model of the shell. Authorized facility managers, architects and craftsmen can call up the structural details (in the browser!) at any time.

After the completion of the building, LOOOM scanned the KTM Motohall a second time, capturing all the details of the interiors and exhibition spaces as well as the exterior. In the future, (online) visitors can start a virtual tour of the museum.


    The benefits for KTM


    • LOOOM scanned the entire construction shell with millimeter precision (cable outlets, wall coverings, markings etc.). The time of scan was set together with the architects.
    • KTM has a highly detailed structural documentation of the building - information is available at any time.
    • If defects occur or subsequent adjustments are made to the building, they can be quickly resolved or implemented using the data. The reports are noted directly in the 3D model.
    • Access to data via browser (no special software required) and from all devices: PC, tablet or smartphone
    • The completed building has also been fully scanned: The KTM Motohall can be presented photorealistic or viewed through virtual tours by future (online) visitors.


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