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Show me the money ATM from KEBA!

Have you ever tried to transport an ATM? We wouldn't recommend it to you either. For good reasons. But how does the automation expert KEBA present its latest ATM technologies to customers abroad? Quite simply - in the modern bank showroom, which was completely digitalised in cooperation with LOOOM. And can be accessed worldwide with just one click in the browser. 

The Project


How about the coins and notes now? Is the cashless society coming? Most consumers do not want cash to be completely replaced by electronic means of payment. This means that ATMs will continue to exist for some time to come. These highly complex systems are developed and manufactured by KEBA AG. Among other things, the Austrian company offers automation solutions for the banking and service automation sectors. 

KEBA's customers are banks and savings banks in Austria and abroad. The company built its Immergrün studio - showroom, design-thinking zone and training centre in one for the optimum presentation of the various technologies, installation variants and branch concepts. However not every customer can travel all the way just to visit the showroom.. In cooperation with LOOOM, a digital 3D copy of studio Immergrün was created. Together with KEBA customer consultants equipped with tablets, interested parties can now take a virtual tour, examine the individual products and obtain detailed information: worldwide, simply via the web-based Indoor Viewer - without additional software or hardware. In addition, it would be possible to make the tour even more real with VR glasses.

LOOOM uses innovative indoor mapping technology, LOOOM uses innovative indoor mapping technology, to scan interiors with millimeter precision and map it as a photorealistic 3D model 

    The benefits for KEBA


    • The modern bank showroom with a size of 250 m2 was completely scanned - within a very short time.
    • Customer consultants and sales professionals have the option to send the link to the Indoor Viewer - worldwide. Virtual tours can be offered in combination with a telephone conference.
    • Interested parties can now visit the showroom online - with all web-enabled devices: smartphone, tablet or laptop.
    • Points of interest show information on various products, installation options and branch concepts.
    • The 3D model of studio Immergrün can be seen both as a point cloud (XYZ coordinates) and as a high-resolution panoramic image