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Nussbach, Upper Austria
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Virtual Recruiting at Haidlmair - a 360° tour through the company

Even renowned companies are struggling with the shortage of skilled workers. "Virtual Recruiting" enables applicants to experience their (future) workplace: they can take a virtual tour of the company in advance, view work areas, call up information, click on videos and gain a first impression. LOOOM realized this trend-setting project in the area of human resources for Haidlmair Werkzeugbau.

The Project


For many companies - such as Haidlmair Werkzeugbau - it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good employees. The "war for talents" is on everyone's lips. At the same time, new strategies are emerging to position oneself as an attractive employer. "Employer branding" is the key word - meaning, in order to find qualified personnel and reduce the costs of finding applicants in the long term, it pays off to develop your own strong and authentic employer brand. Virtual recruiting is an important part of this. In concrete terms, this involves presenting the company or the future working environment to the applicants - completely interactively, through virtual 360° tours.

Haidlmair quickly recognized the advantages of virtual recruiting. In cooperation with LOOOM, a digital 3D copy of the company was created using the innovative indoor mapping technology. The interiors were scanned to the millimetre and subsequently reproduced in a photorealistic 3D model that fits into Haidlmair's corporate design. Applicants can now start a virtual tour through the company, intuitively move through the premises, examine the individual workplaces and areas and obtain detailed information: worldwide, in the browser, simply via the web-based Indoor Viewer - without additional software or hardware. You get a comprehensive overall impression of your future employer. The additional content increases the attention of the user or applicant and the length of stay increases by up to 5 times! 

The benefits for Haidlmair


  • The company with an area of 10.000 m2 was completely scanned - within a very short time.
  • The 3D model of the company can be viewed as high-resolution 360° panorama image in the Indoor Viewer - the front-end design was adapted to the corporate design of the company.
  • HR managers and recruiters have the option to send the link to the Indoor Viewer to applicants - worldwide.
  • Applicants can now visit the company online - with all web-enabled devices: smartphone, tablet or laptop - or also with VR glasses.
  • Points of interest can be clicked and show the different work areas, job details and machines: videos, photos, audio recordings.
  • The 360° tour can also be used at trade fairs (e.g. vocational promotion fairs). 
  • Information about Haidlmair as an employer is presented in a comprehensive, innovative, emotional and contemporary way.
  • At the same time, Haidlmair's ranking in search engines improved, as e.g. Google rates the use of 360° images positively.