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Strikingly good - and well attended: Fronius trade fair stand

"How can we inspire with our exhibition stand?" - many companies are looking for innovative ideas for their trade fair appearances. Fronius simply handed its visitors a Nintendo Switch Controller, which they could use on the video wall to intuitively navigate through the company's own training centre. LOOOM realized this project - and transformed a trade fair appearance into a real brand experience. 

The Project


Trade fairs are ideal platforms for presenting new products, promoting the company, meeting existing customers and, of course, acquiring new customers. Provided you manage to attract visitors to your own stand - despite the abundance of exhibitors, posters, screens and give-aways. Fronius International GmbH had a special idea for its stand at the world's largest trade fair for welding technology, "Welding and Cutting": visitors should be able to visit the company's own training centre for welding technology. But how do you bring 3,500 m2 of training centre in Upper Austria to a 1,000 m2 exhibition stand in Germany? And this is where LOOOM came into play. The team scanned the entire training centre for welding technology at the company location in Wels: the indoor mapping scanner with its six high-resolution system cameras continuously generated 720° panoramic images, three sensitive laser scanners captured every detail in the room and generated a point cloud with XYZ coordinates. The result: a photorealistic 3D model of every room. The Essen stand was subsequently equipped with large video walls (16x46 inches) on which visitors could navigate through the training centre using a Nintendo Switch Controller. LOOOM programmed a special plug-in to make the tour as intuitive as possible. 

The benefits for Fronius


  • Fronius received a photorealistic 3D model of its training centre in Wels - absolutely true to detail.  
  • The company's exhibition stand became a real attraction: visitors could walk through the virtual training centre for welding technology.
  • Specially programmed plug-in enabled intuitive control using a Nintendo Switch Controller.
  • Fronius has a modern marketing instrument - and turns a trade fair appearance into a modern brand experience.
  • Fronius now has the option to present their welding centre 365 days a year after the trade fair - worldwide.