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Adventurous survey of a disused brewery

What do you do with a disused brewery building over 100 years old? Rebuild it? Demolish it? Not an easy decision! An inventory should shed some light on the situation. The Brau Union commissioned LOOOM to digitize the entire building and to create inventory drawings. So we threw ourselves into the adventure...

The project

In 1836 Franz Lehner founded the suburban brewery and thus laid the foundation for the famous Poschach brewery in Linz. Meanwhile the production has been stopped, beer has not been brewed here for a long time. The building is abandoned, but still takes up a lot of space, while around it the demand for office space is increasing. So the Brau Union decided to breathe new life into the site - but should the building be completely demolished? Or rebuild it? An inventory had to be made, so the neighbor LOOOM at Europaplatz was called in. With the help of indoor mapping technology, a 2D plan was to be drawn up to help the client with the planning.

Thanks to the high flexibility of LOOOM, the work could start immediately. But already during the inspection of the building, our indoor mapping specialists were faced with completely new challenges: almost every area of the area to be scanned was without electricity. So not only did we have no light, but also no functioning power sockets. We went out with pen and paper to get a first overview, then laid more than 300 running meters of extension cable and installed (a trailer full of) LED lights. Less later the lights came on - we could start! In just five working days, two specialists with two trolleys scanned an area of around 25,000 m2 in the old brewery. A true masterpiece, because the poor lighting conditions, tons of old furniture, dirt, cobwebs, heat in the attic and cold in the cellar were a real challenge for our team. 

With the data received, LOOOM finally created a virtual image of the entire building - a detailed digital copy of the old brewery. The millions of measurement points subsequently enabled the complete digitalisation of the premises.

The building owners could now comfortably survey all areas on a laptop or tablet, mark points, highlight individual rooms and carry out exact planning. Now nothing stands in the way of a successful revitalization. 

Let's have a beer. Cheers!

The benefits for Brau Union

All rooms of the old building (from the attic to the basement) were scanned completely and with millimetre accuracy.
Brau Union now has a highly detailed construction documentation of the building - the information is available at any time.
The 360° HTML Indoor Viewer enables access to the scanned object - completely independent of location via smartphone, tablet or laptop.
The virtual access can be edited, information and "points of interest" can be added and progress can be shared: Images, videos, links or PDF files.