Facility Management

Run the facility management directly in the browser and get a detailed overview and transparency about the building. We provide a reliable documentation of its current state for the entire period of use. Relevant additional information (repairs, responsibilities, status, etc.) can be anchored directly to the object using the virtual model. Your asset database is connected to the virtual environment. You can easily prepare work orders for repairs or maintenance online and forward them to employees or external companies. With the digital copy of the building you will save time – and reduce costs!

Construction management

We scan the building completely and with millimeter precision – and you will receive a digital replica of the construction site and can start documenting the construction stages without interruption. Edit the records, add information and share milestones and progress online – completely mobile via smartphone, tablet or PC. This gives you maximum transparency.

We create a georeferenced point cloud and deliver a browser-based 3D model – easily integrable into your BIM model. Even years later you have a precise overview of all construction phases and the responsible companies. Defects can be traced back to their origin.

Around 80 percent of all existing as-built plans are wrong – the scan provides you with a millimeter accurate result. Make sure it was built according to plan and create digital plans from scratch.

Factories & Industry

A digital replica of your production facilities brings many advantages. Your assembly, logistics and factory planners can implement assessments and improvements quickly and easily - and completely independent of the location. This saves valuable time and reduces downtimes.

The construction of industrial and manufacturing environments is never 100% on schedule. But due to the exact documentation of the construction site you can make profound decisions.

Integrate the digital twin into your daily work and save effort, time and money in factory planning, bidding processes, work safety or repair and maintenance.



Many companies want to create a realistic experience for their online customers while extending the presentation of their products online beyond the unimaginative tile design of traditional 2D web shops.

LOOOM offers you unique possibilities. After the digitalization of your flagship store, showroom, exhibition or sales stand, we create the online experience of your customers completely new with individual solutions!
Offer your customers an exciting spatial shopping experience. Let your customers shop virtually together via an integrated chat function or by voice and video guidance of your assortment, advise - all online!

Your virtual sales area can be accessed worldwide and accessed with all browsers and end devices.

LOOOM always offers individual solutions - let us advise you!

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Virtual Recruiting

Be an industry leader and use virtual recruiting to gain an edge over your competitors. The interactive 360 ° tours and the integration of additional content boosts the user's attention, which increases the length of stay up to 5 times!

The workplace can be experienced before starting work.

  • Applicants receive a professional, quick and comprehensive impression of their future employer. They can intuitively move through the 360 ° tour themselves. Spark their interest with many additional multimedia information integrated into the tour.
  • During the tour the jobseeker can watch the company's image films, short video clips of future colleagues, view photo slideshows, information on the workplace and the exact job details.
  • The information that is conveyed is extensive and presented in an innovative, emotional and modern way.

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Museums & Exhibitions

Give visitors a photorealistic insight into your exhibition or booth. Create your own virtual tour and provide information on the individual exhibits. With the help of the navigation app, visitors can reach their destination faster and easier. Use the digital replica to spark curiosity and interest in the exhibition. It is also possible to note down your ideas directly in the 3D replica and share them with colleagues. Document changes and switch between exhibitions with just a click of the mouse.

Shopping Centres

Help visitors to orient themselves in your shopping center using a navigation app. Fill the 3D replica with offers, information and safety information. Keep track of your rented premises and compare between shell construction and completion. Use the 3D model as evidence in case of disputes with your tenants.

Plan conversions and renovations with help of precise dimensions directly in the indoor viewer. User tracking and visitor stream analysis give you an overview of the movement patterns of your visitors.

Real Estate and Hotel Industry

The 3D model enables indoor navigation in buildings: You can carry out maintenance and repair jobs in a very uncomplicated way. The coordination of projects with external partners is also made much easier: document changes, include suppliers and secure evidence. Also ensure that fire and escape routes are adequately marked and make a map of the wireless coverage. Use points of interest to optimize your workflow both internally and with customers. User tracking and visitor stream analysis give you an overview of the movement patterns of your visitors.


A digital replica of your buildings provides transparency and security – because of the visually documented evidence. Regular scans track changes and defects. Create points of interest, store important information and share it with colleagues across the globe via browser. This simplifies work processes and gives you and your customers full transparency.